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WIU College of Business and Technology partners with McDonough County CEO

WIU College of Business and Technology partners with McDonough County CEO

October 19, 2022

MACOMB, IL – The Western Illinois University College of Business and Technology is partnering with McDonough County’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Creation (CEO) program to bring Midland Institute program developer Ryan Follis to campus on Tuesday, October 25. .

“The McDonough County CEO and WIU have a strong relationship,” said Michelle Howe, WIU’s corporate communications instructor and McDonough County CEO Board Member. “Many WIU faculty and staff serve as presenters, mentors, and board members for the CEO Program. We are thrilled to welcome these students and show them Leatherneck hospitality.”

In addition to the McDonough County CEO group, students from Hancock County CEO and Brown/Schuyler CEO will be in attendance. About fifty high school students from the region will be on campus for this event.

“CEO is the standard in entrepreneurial education. Students meet at host companies, never in a classroom,” Follis said. “The CEO experience includes more than 40 guest speakers and 40 company tours and the experience of their first professional mentoring relationship.”

The CEO program is a one-year course for high school students that teaches them entrepreneurial concepts, connects them with local businesses, and offers them the opportunity to start their own business.

“Students also lead the development and implementation of shared business and their own personal businesses, which are launched at the annual trade show. Student CEOs are regularly sought after by universities and employers who take note of their professional development as learners, owners, creators, communicators and connectors,” said Follis.

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Posted by: Lexi Yoggerst ([email protected])
University Communications and Marketing Office