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Texas Medical Technology Partners with Lavior to Bring Diabetes Skin Care Products Across the United States

(Photo: Texas Medical Technology)

Leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies Texas Medical Technology announced a partnership with a diabetic skin treatment company scrubber Wednesday. Lavior is the only company exclusively dedicated to offering a full range of diabetic skin treatments, from prevention to treatment.

The partnership includes a distribution agreement across the United States, as well as a longer-term commitment to collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two companies.

“Lavior is a company that I have great admiration for,” said Omri Shafran, founder and CEO of Texas Medical Technology. “As our conversations became more routine and we began to exchange more ideas, it seemed natural that we would begin to work together on a deeper, more formal level.”

Texas Medical Technology

(Photo: Texas Medical Technology)

As part of this collaboration, Texas Medical Technology will help manage Lavior’s distribution processes to its portfolio of skincare customers.

The partnership also incorporated broader collaboration between the two companies, including networking of customer bases, exchange of logistical and industry knowledge, and a shared philosophy of helping disadvantaged communities.

“It’s a really exciting partnership that we’ve entered into here with Texas Medical Technology, because it’s not just about distribution,” said Gilad Savion, co-founder and CEO of Lavior.

Texas Medical Technology was created to meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company now has a 144,000 square foot factory in Houston, Texas, which employs 550 workers from 53 countries, including refugees assisted by the YMCA of Greater Houston and the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

Texas Medical Technology

(Photo: Texas Medical Technology)

The three entrepreneurs behind Texas Medical Technology also come from diverse backgrounds, forming what some might call an unlikely alliance. Omri Shafran and Dimitri Menin are Israeli, while Jad Shraim is of Palestinian descent, showcasing one of the most powerful forces of diversity working for the common good.

Their goal from the start has been to work together for the greater good, no matter where they come from. True to its mission to help disadvantaged communities across the country, the company also recently announced joint ventures with The Modoc Nation of Oklahoma.

The Lavior diabetes line was developed after 11 years of research and clinical trials to address the specific skin care needs of people with diabetes and help reduce their risk of skin complications. Headquartered in Miami, the company has warehouses nationwide.

“This shared collaboration between two companies that share the same philosophies around creating well-being from business, not just profit,” Savion said. “It’s also a great opportunity to work together logistically and exchange knowledge to grow the business in the best possible way.”

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