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Tech Partners Highlight Augmented Reality Magic Behind Sleep Number’s Award-Winning Shift at CES 2022

Each year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sleep Number Corporation (Nasdaq: SNBR) reaffirms itself as the global leader in sleep health, science, research and innovation. At this year’s reimagined event, Sleep Number showcased its most dynamic technology platform yet, revealing a future where advanced monitoring, personalized insights and health assessments are possible at home – and in the comfort of your smart bed 360 – and enable simplified and preventive health care at all stages of life. These efforts have earned three CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

One of the main features of the company’s presence at CES 2022 was the brainchild of the Sleep Number creative team. Led by Vice President of Connected Brand Experience Angela Gearhart and Vice President of Brand Expression Sean Burke, the team also includes Jill Cannon, Jeff Ryan, Brian Henry, Jen Larson, Rose D’Acquisto, Miah Detjen, Sheila Anderson and Kelly Kohlbacher. Inspired by the research, they greenlighted a mission to pioneer the use of augmented reality (AR) glasses to facilitate interactive demonstrations of Sleep Number’s cutting-edge technology.

“In 2016, we began demonstrating the functionality of Sleep Number beds in conjunction with synchronized audio, video, and lighting experiences for trade show and retail visitors,” said Sean Borowski, R&D manager at BrainHub, the LMG Technical Services team. “Every year the bar is raised.”

Borowski continued, “The challenge this year was to allow anyone to access and navigate the experience using AR glasses. The results exceeded everyone’s expectations; this futuristic twist is fun, incredibly intuitive, and offers much more engaging demonstrations.

LMG’s partners for this challenge included once again Fuse Animation for custom content creation and, for the first time ever, virtual production and creative solutions studio Extended Reality Group (ERG). For ERG, the focus was on developing the virtual demos, creating the user-driven AR interface, and integrating creative content with Sleep Number software and hardware controls.

From the perspective of Sleep Number CES attendees, this collaboration resulted in a hands-on interactive experience that took about 4.5 minutes. Equipped with a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset and invited to lie down on the bed, the presentation begins with the simple press of a button appearing on the augmented reality screen. Projected above what they see in reality, the overlaid content begins playback, guiding them through a tour of physical characteristics and abilities, while masterfully highlighting the prolific sensing and realization technology and features of well-being of Sleep Number.

“BrainHub and ERG’s deep experience combined with incredible technology in the name of an amazing brand has resulted in something truly spectacular,” said Will Garrs, senior account manager at LMG. “This successful exhibit is now appearing at Sleep Number’s Super Bowl Media Center in Los Angeles, where it educates even more people about Sleep Number’s next generation 360 smart bed.”

“It was perfect for us to apply our talents to creating this global showcase for Sleep Number and their incredible partners,” said Evan Glantz, co-founder of ERG.

“We exist to expand storytelling into different dimensions,” explained ERG co-founder Zack Kingdon. “Today, using HoloLens, Sleep Number customers can sit back and learn in an awesome new way. Sleep Number everywhere in America.

The Centerpoint Marketing team responsible for bringing Sleep Number’s holistic exposure solution to life is comprised of Greg Friedmann, Alena Kurylchyk and Vaughn Ellis. For LMG, credit also goes to media server specialist Steven Rumplik, Jr. The ERG team also included lead technical artist Jason Briney, lead systems technician Keith Anderson and producer Kristin Carey. Full project credits are available upon request.

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