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Stronghold Launches Rewards Program for Technology Partners and Commercial Customers to Improve Payments Infrastructure Loyalty

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stronghold, a payments and financial infrastructure company, has launched a new program to reward early network members, including select technology partners and business customers. StrongholdNET, Stronghold’s proprietary payment network, spans the old and new rails to enable interoperability between legacy systems and modern real-time payments.

The rewards program will catalyze new integrators, benefit current network members, and optimize network utilization. Integrated businesses will receive SHx based on the payment volume they process through StrongholdNET. Members can then apply earned rewards to offset transaction fees and other related costs.

Stronghold launched the rewards program in March 2021, and interest in joining the program has grown ever since. Early participants in the program include technology partner Aduro Advisors, a venture capital fund administration platform.

COVID-19 precautions have led to a dramatic increase in demand for transparent payment solutions. StrongholdNET enabled simple, modern and contactless transaction experiences for end consumers. Technology partners, such as point-of-sale software, ERP solutions, and delivery software vendors, will benefit from integration and alignment with Stronghold’s payment infrastructure.

Stronghold has raised capital from accomplished fintech founders, leading companies, and prominent industry advisors. Investors who have backed Stronghold’s rapid growth include: Ron Suber, The Bancorp co-founders Frank Mastrangelo and former CEO Betsy Cohen, Randy Reddig of Square’s founding team, Dan Macklin of Bessemer Venture Partners, The Marqeta Founder and CEO Jason Gardener, Former Oppenheimer CEO, Chairman and President Arthur Steinmetz, NerdWallet Founder Jake Gibson, SoFi Co-Founder Rob Stavis and Xpring now known as RippleX.

About Stronghold

Stronghold provides financial technology infrastructure and payment capabilities to industries and markets with unique needs that require customized and comprehensive payment and foreign exchange solutions. In addition to providing access to ACH payments, Stronghold also offers solutions for real-time payments and virtual payment networks for a wide range of markets and entities.