Technology advancement

Stakeholders are looking for technological advances in the real estate sector

Stakeholders said that in order to stay relevant in the real estate industry, it is necessary to advance in technology and be entertained according to the tide of the real estate industry.

Chief Executive Officer, Knight Frank Nigeria, Frank Okosun, speaking at a breakfast hosted by the company, said, “It was focused on the interceptions between construction, real estate and technology, as well as the how the trio would influence the future of real estate. real estate services in Nigeria.

Noting that the sector was essential to the Nigerian economy, he said they were key employers of labour, essential factors of production and businesses, life or leisure activities .

“We’ve been so laid back about the way forward for technology in the construction industry. For us, as a brand in the real estate industry, we have to lead the way, we have to collaborate with key stakeholders to take the sector to an enviable height,” he said.

Speaking on “Real Estate, Construction and Technology: The Future of Real Estate Services”, Eximia Realty Company CEO Hakeem Ogunniran said technology has disrupted the space and needs to stay relevant and continue to deliver the work. , players must consolidate the achievements and recreate the old platforms to offer better values.

Further, giving the link between the sector and the economy, Ogunniran said that real estate is often the engine of the economy, acting as a growth catalyst for other economic sectors.

It also acts as a powerful lever for socio-economic transformation and is a key contributor to the wealth and prosperity of cultures, he said.

Further, the CEO said that to harness the future of real estate in Nigeria, there is a need to create assets, through regulation and compliance; technology through commoditization and industrialization; as well as innovative financing solutions thanks to the flexibility of equity.

Broadbased Communications Managing Director Henry Iseghohi noted that “digitalization is the way forward in the real estate ecosystem.”