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Patra Announces Technology Partnerships and Continued Technology Advancements

USI Insurance Services is deploying CertVault nationwide and will provide CertVault with real-time access to the status of their policies, which will then enable certificate monitoring for their issued certificates. “Partnering with Patra and combining technologies within complex services will help all parties within the insurance ecosystem,” said Stew Gibson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of USI Insurance. Services. “Patra has clearly demonstrated its ability to apply its considerable resources and expertise to develop innovative assurance services for our industry, and CertVault is just the beginning of our combined efforts.”

The latest patent filing for Patra’s policy verification service, used by hundreds of insurance organizations across United States and Canada, is a major step forward in Patra’s technology service innovations based on the PatraOne platform. PatraOne, a proprietary technology platform, powers all the services Patra offers brokerage agents, MGAs, carriers and wholesalers. With machine learning, artificial intelligence, workflow and task automation capabilities, Patra provides cost-effective services.

“As the insurance market has continued to drive technological innovation, digitization and transformation of workflows and operational tasks, our PatraOne platform is the foundation of how we deliver services. “, said John Simpson, CEO and Founder of Patra. “The new features of the PatraOne platform deliver increased customer satisfaction and help streamline operations. We help our customers deliver an exceptional customer experience while minimizing the risks associated with manual workflows. Our technology services underscore our commitment to continuous innovation by helping insurance leaders navigate today’s business environment and contain the rising costs we are all feeling today.”

About Patras

Patra is a leading provider of technology services to the insurance industry. Patra powers insurance processes by optimizing the application of people and technology, supporting insurance companies in the sale, delivery and management of policies and clients through our PatraOne platform. Patra’s global team of process managers in geopolitically stable and democratic countries that protect data, enables agencies, MGAs, wholesalers and carriers to capture the Patra advantage – profitable growth and organizational value. Patra is also a founding member of the InsurConneXtions Alliance, representing leaders in insurance technology, brokerage, wholesale and specialty insurance, representing over $50 billion in insurance premiums. For more information, visit or follow us @Patracorp on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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