Technology partners

Mura Technology partners with Rubber Cheese

Mura Technology is developing a global portfolio of recycling sites using hydrothermal recovery, an advanced recycling process for a sustainable, plastic-neutral future. Using supercritical water, they are able to convert plastic waste back into the chemicals and oils from which they were made.

Rubber Cheese will design the new website with a streamlined yet premium user experience. The site will showcase the impact and importance of this revolutionary development in recycling, while engaging with brands and stakeholders.

Kim West, Head of Communications at Mura Technology, said, “While our joint website redesign project is in its early stages, we are already looking forward to the development and deployment of the relationship with Rubber Cheese. We were looking for a web design team that couldn’t just produce something that worked well and looked the part – we wanted a company that could understand our business, our values ​​and the industry we work in and interpret that – seeking to establish a solid knowledge base to support their work.

“We also didn’t want to work with a faceless company – we wanted interaction, communication and collaboration and start-up conversations and work to date with Rubber Cheese, we’re confident we’ve found a team that could take us forward in developing a website as progressive as our company, which is at the forefront of innovative plastic recycling.

Kelly Molson, Managing Director of Rubber Cheese, said, “The opportunity to work alongside a world leader in the development of advanced plastic waste recycling would be an incredible honor for us. As an organization, we want to help make a difference.

“Our mission is to create remarkable online systems, websites, and applications that improve the lives of everyone. Mura’s cutting-edge technology works to realize a sustainable, plastic-neutral future around the world, and we’re excited to help them showcase this development digitally.”