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MG AEC Technology Partners organizes an innovative “Power of Where” symposium

During the roundtable, five AEC industry leaders will discuss how location intelligence technology can predict what future built environments may become and how AEC professionals can better solve many key issues facing people around the world. The “Power of Where” symposium series was created to bring future vision to life today.

“At MG AEC Technology Partners, we’ve been challenging the status quo in design technology innovation for decades; that’s our job,” says CEO Scott Bailey. “With this series, we wanted to set the bar for exploring the best way to achieve quantum improvements in the design and construction of AEC projects, and we are achieving exactly that”

“Anyone who works in this field knows how quickly technology changes and improves,” says Brey Tucker, “Power of Where” panelist and Senior Industry Lead for AEC at Autodesk. “It’s invaluable to come together, see where we are and assess not just where we’re going, but how we’re going to get there.”

“Nobody else in the industry does anything like this – every ‘Power of Where’ discussion becomes a ‘can’t miss’ meeting for anyone in the world of BIM and GIS,” says Marc Goldman, panelist and director of AEC Industry Solutions at Esri. “The importance of integrating people and systems has become one of the key topics in our industry, and we are always happy to share real-world stories and experiences of how people are using these technologies to move this work forward.”

Other “Power of Where” panelists include Zachary JaffeGIS manager at Landtech Inc.; Anita Sonisenior BIM manager at Skanska; Gideon Simons, senior geospatial consultant at Arcadis in the UK; Marc Carrillo, team leader and vice-president at Psomas; and Steve MulberryGeospatial Innovation Strategist, Continental Mapping/GIS, Inc.

The “Power of Where” symposium will be moderated by stan hennighHead of Esri Partnerships at MG AEC Technology Partners, and Jennifer McGregor, Director of Strategic Partnerships at MG AEC Technology Partners. In addition to project presentations from guest speakers, the symposium will include a Q&A session.


A first-of-its-kind symposium bringing together industry leaders to discuss the BIM to GIS movement in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors


The advent of the BIM-to-GIS movement offers deeper insight and insight into the design, construction and operation of 21st century infrastructure and construction projects


Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 11 a.m. CDT


The event is virtual. register here.

The “Power of Where” series is made up of four distinct forums, each addressing current industry thinking, trends and needs. Go to the first discussion of the forum here. Upcoming forums will address new innovations in the commercial real estate industry and the emerging field of digital twin technology.

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