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Materialize Announces Expansion of CO-AM Platform with Seven New Technology Partners at Formnext 2022

The second day of Next form 2022, materialize announced that seven additional technology partners have joined the CO-AM platform.

The solutions support design and pre-print automation, traceability, printing, and post-processing of 3D printed parts. Materialize magic has been integrated into CO-AM and offers new workflow automation functionality.

“With these new partnerships, the CO-AM community continues to grow, creating the first end-to-end software platform that offers an open ecosystem for the additive manufacturing industry,” said Bart van der Schueren, CTO of Materialize. “Collaboration is key to realizing the potential of additive manufacturing and to giving our customers seamless access to a full range of software tools to plan, manage and optimize every step of their 3D printing process.”

The list of technology partners who have joined the CO-AM platform since its launch in May this year now includes more than 10 companies.

New partners include trinketadding design automation for jigs and fixtures, Twikioffering a “mass customization” solution including design automation and automated order creation. Additive marking is another new member, which enables digital traceability through automated labeling and authentication technology.

Another new partner is TDM solutionswhich offers printer connectivity with its 3D printers to monitor and document machine data, and solutions for AMT, DyeMansionand Post treatment are now part of the CO-AM platform for automating and monitoring post-processing steps.

According to the company, the Materialize CO-AM platform provides space for innovation and co-development for the AM industry and manufacturing companies. The platform features an “open software architecture” that allows manufacturing companies to access multiple hardware technologies and their favorite tools from Materialize and other software developers.

One of Materialize’s goals is for the CO-AM community to co-develop end-to-end manufacturing solutions that create competitive advantages for individual companies and empower entire industries depending on the company.

“End-to-end connectivity in CO-AM provides significant benefits for our partners and customers,” said Vishal Singh, CO-AM Senior Director. “For our partners, connecting their applications to the CO-AM platform offers them opportunities to reach new customers more efficiently. Our customers benefit from a unified user experience across the solutions of materialise and our partners. »

The integration of Magics 26, the company’s flagship data preparation and build software, into CO-AM has also been extended by Materialise. The integration is supposed to improve traceability, allowing users to monitor and improve AM processes throughout the workflow, from data preparation through design iterations to the final printed part, according to Materialise.

“Magics deep integration and workflow automation feature in CO-AM creates a digital thread between data and construction preparation and the overall AM workflow,” said Egwin Bovyn, Manager of the Magics 3D Print Suite product line at Materialise. “This is an important step to enable data management across all technologies within CO-AM. This will allow users to reduce production costs and scale AM ​​operations more efficiently. »

Demonstrations of the CO-AM platform and Magics 26 will take place at the Materialize booth, Hall 12.1, C139, during Formnext this week in Frankfurt.

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