Technology partners

Infinity Lithium issues final payment to technology partners upon successful production testing of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide

Infinity Lithium Corporation Ltd (ASX:INF) has concluded its project agreement with EIT InnoEnergy and Dorfner Anzaplan, successfully producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide and carbonate as part of test work for its lithium project of San Jose in Spain.

Infinity has now issued 1,921,341 zero exercise warrants to EIT InnoEnergy, the last issuance of securities under this agreement.

The Tranche 3 payment by EIT InnoEnergy to Dorfner Anzaplan totaling A$215,831 (€147,230) has also been finalized due to completed test work.

Infinity’s relationship with InnoEnergy continues, having expanded into other lithium-related aspects of the battery chain.

INF’s 100% Spanish subsidiary, Extremadura New Energies, has officially launched the Extremadura New Energies Academy, which, in collaboration with EIT InnoEnergy, will deliver the European Battery Alliance Academy training courses.

“Long-term commitment to training”

The CEO of Extremadura New Energies, Ramón Jiménez, recognized the crucial importance of the Extremadura New Energies Academy to lead the development of key skills and the training of personnel that will be needed in Cáceres for the project and to other lithium-ion battery opportunities.

“We are going to need qualified personnel and our goal has always been that, as much as possible, this job has an impact on the people of Cáceres,” said Jiménez.

“This is a long-term commitment to training that will be intensified in the years to come as part of the collaboration between Extremadura New Energies and EIT InnoEnergy.

“By focusing on localized value chains, we can see an opportunity for Cáceres to be a focal point of a skilled and focused workforce aligned with the energy transition and more specifically the value chain of lithium ion batteries.”

InnoEnergy has been appointed as the manager and lead partner of the European Commission’s Industrial Development Program (EBA250).

Through their partnership, Extremadura New Energies will be a priority partner in the distribution, promotion and delivery of EIT InnoEnergy courses through the European Battery Academy, which offers courses covering a wide variety of technology-related topics. , business and innovation in the field of batteries and the hydrogen sector.