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Hesai Technology partners with self-driving developer Unity Drive

Beijing (Gasgoo)- Chinese LiDAR supplier Hesai Technology has entered into a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Unity-Drive Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (UDI), a developer of low-speed autonomous vehicles.

Photo credit: Hesai Technology

According to the agreement, the duo will make joint efforts in iterating LiDAR technology and developing autonomous driving scenarios. They plan to create demonstration application scenarios for autonomous driving technologies in smart factories, smart logistics and smart parks, facilitating the advancement of mass production of safer and more stable autonomous commercial vehicles.

Hesai Technology partners with self-driving developer Unity Drive

Photo credit: UDI

UDI provides end-to-end solutions for software and hardware development, vehicle design and production, and TaaS (transportation as a service) operations. Its main products include autonomous logistics vehicles, autonomous shuttles, remote driving systems and cloud-based shipment monitoring systems.

The company is the first company in the world to mass-produce autonomous logistics vehicle systems.

UDI has conducted standardized operation of low-speed autonomous vehicles at more than 100 fleet sites in the consumer electronics, printed circuit board, automotive, metallurgical and chemical industries, as well as on harbors. The company has racked up over a million miles of self-driving distance.

The company’s customers include Foxconn, logistics giant SF and real estate conglomerate Kaisa Group.