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Foxconn Technology partners with Ather to manufacture components

In terms of supplying and manufacturing components for its products, Ather Energy focuses on finding the right supplier who delivers the products consistently.

Ather Energy announced its partnership with Bharat FIH, a Foxconn Technology group company, to develop and manufacture key components for Ather scooters. The partnership aims to improve the manufacturing ecosystem to meet demand for the Ather 450X and 450 Plus.

Bharat FIH will offer manufacturing services which include printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for battery management systems, dashboard assembly, peripheral control units and drive control modules. These products will be manufactured in a “turnkey” model, including managing supply chain logistics and sourcing raw materials for Ather Energy. Bharat FIH started production of parts for Ather scooters in its factory

Speaking about this development Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy, said “The electric vehicle industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate with strong demand across all segments. Ather Energy is also in the midst of phenomenal growth as we continue to expand our retail footprint across the country.We are working to strengthen our supply chain to meet the growing demand for our scooters.

He added, “In this regard, we are delighted to partner with Bharat FIH to provide us with the capacity, supply chain capability and process expertise needed to achieve our volumes and projections. Bharat FIH has demonstrated incredible capability over the past few months accelerating very quickly to meet our requirements. This partnership also reflects the opportunities that major automotive component manufacturers are recognizing in the electric vehicle industry today. »

According to the company, Ather Energy continues to see strong response for its electric scooters – the 450X and 450 Plus. The company saw a 20% increase in sales month over month and this trend is expected to continue in the coming months. Ather Energy has invested in building an EV-friendly ecosystem in the country to drive mass adoption of EVs and meet growing demand.

Josh Foulger, Managing Director of Bharat FIH Ltd, said: “We are delighted and highly valued our partnership with Ather Energy to support their electric vehicle journey in India. With electronics being an important integral part of a smart electric vehicle, we look forward to extending our electronics manufacturing services and technical expertise to Ather’s entire line of electric scooters. We believe in supporting all efforts of an EV technology company like Ather Energy. “

Over the years, Ather Energy has built a local supplier base with nearly 99% of products produced and sourced locally for manufacturing. In terms of supplying and manufacturing components for their products, Ather Energy focuses on finding the right supplier who delivers the products consistently.

To meet long-term growing demand, Ather Energy has announced it will increase production from 120,000 to 400,000 units per year at its Hosur plant and recently acquired more land to increase production.

Over the next three years, Ather plans to increase its annual production capacity to one million scooters, install 5,000 fast chargers across India, develop new products and expand its network to 600 stores. . Currently, the company has 30 experience centers (outlets) across India.