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Field Solutions Holdings Limited Selects Nokia and Mavenir as Technology Partners

Sydney, Australia (ABN Newswire) – Field Solutions Holdings Limited (ASX:FSG), Australia’s leading rural and regional telecommunications operator, is pleased to announce that it has selected Nokia and Mavenir as lead technology partners to build the RAN from FSG – Regional Australia Network, Australia’s 4th largest mobile network.

Strong points

– Technology partners to provide 4G and 5G radio access networks and mobile core

– Mavenir(R) will provide 4G/5G converged packet core, voice and IMS messaging services

– FSG will provide Australia’s 4th largest 4G/5G mobile network in rural, regional and remote areas

– FSG will provide private 4G/5G networks for agribusiness, mining and government

– NB-IoT and Cat-M1 capability

– Nokia and Mavenir will power FSG neutral host and home roaming trials under MBSP5A

– Deployment to start FY23

“FSG conducted a comprehensive 6-month tendering process to select the most suitable technology partners for the deployment of the Australian regional network,” said Andrew Roberts, CEO of FSG. “FSG selected these partners to ensure we have the cost-effective, scalable and globally proven technology platform needed to deliver Australia’s 4th largest mobile network,” he added.

The recently published response to the 2021 Regional Telecommunications Review highlighted the importance of alternative delivery models to improve coverage, including active neutral RAN and roaming options. He also stressed the importance of “location-based network solutions” rather than a continuous “sprinkle-in” approach to solving connectivity issues. In addition, the report highlighted the need to allocate limited government funding to multi-tenant solutions.

FSG welcomes these recommendations and fully supports “location-based network solutions”.

“With our new partners, Nokia and Mavenir, FSG is ready to deliver connectivity to regions, while offering operators the option to join the solution using neutral active host RAN, inbound roaming or passive colocation” ‘old’ on our purpose-built infrastructure,” Roberts points out. By adopting new models, the cost of delivering these solutions can be minimized, further supporting the committee’s desire to ensure affordability is not not forgotten.

FSG is delivering 19 new location-based networks across Australia. These networks, comprising more than 100 sites, each will be 4G and 5G capable, host neutral, and roaming ready when delivered in fiscal year 23/24. “The Australian Regional Network is a network dedicated to supporting rural Australia,” says Roberts. “Today, we operate Australia’s largest non-NBN fixed wireless network, which provides fixed wireless broadband in rural, regional and remote Australia. The Australian Regional Network (RAN(TM)) will enable these current networks and all new networks to provide 4G and 5G data and voice services, fixed wireless broadband as well as NB-IoT and CatM1 services,” says Roberts.

Anna Perrin, Nokia’s General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said: “As a global leader in mobile technology, we have championed the development of neutral host networks around the world and are delighted to bring this global expertise to our partnership with FSG.

Supporting the creation of new and innovative solutions and business models for rural and remote coverage across Australia”

“Mavenir is delighted to partner with FSG to deliver cost-effective, future-proof and globally proven 4G/5G converged packet core, IMS and messaging services to enable Australia’s 4th largest mobile network,” said Dereck Quinlan, regional vice president of Mavenir.

“Mavenir continues to push forward with advanced cloud-native solutions that our customers and the industry recognize. Our cloud-native Converged Packet Core solution adopts a disruptive technology architecture and business model that drives network agility, deployment flexibility, and speed of service,” said Quinlan.

FSG is currently in the site acquisition phase for its 19 new networks and the MBSP5A test sites, with the bulk of the sites expected to be delivered in FY23.

FSG will also offer 4G and 5G LTE private service offers. “Demand for private 4G and 5G networks is growing, FSG will provide cost-effective, carrier-grade private solutions for agribusiness, mining and government,” Roberts said. We plan to announce several deployments of private 4G and 5G networks in the coming weeks,” says Roberts.

FSG have received overwhelming support from regional Australia to provide a ‘choice’. “For too long, regional Australia has had to accept substandard services that fail to meet the quality and capacity needs of businesses and residents in rural and remote areas,” says Roberts. “We are delighted to partner with Nokia and Mavenir, two global leaders in mobile telecommunications, to combine their cutting-edge technologies with field-to-field solutions and pragmatic design and delivery capabilities, to deliver carrier-grade solutions designed to meet the needs of regional Australia, says Roberts.

Over the next 18 months, FSG, in partnership with the Australian Federal Government and Optus, will test the deployment of Australia’s first active neutral host network. The neutral host model allows FSG to build and operate a single infrastructure and set of electronic devices that all mobile network operators in Australia can use and will be ready for PSMB services” More operators subscribe to the model , the more valuable and impactful it is to Australia’s rural communities and Australia as a whole,” commented Roberts, “We look forward to welcoming other Australian carriers to the program, to make the neutral host model a reality for rural, regional and remote Australia,” says Roberts.

“FSG and Optus share the view of providing greater coverage to regional areas; the neutral host model offers a cost-effective strategy for all mobile network operators to provide coverage while significantly reducing operating costs and the overhead of maintaining duplicate infrastructure and electronics in the regions,” says Roberts. “The neutral host model provides greater coverage to regional Australia through programs such as the Federal Governments Mobile program Blackspot,” says Roberts. “Today’s government funding supports network replication in regional areas, by rolling out the neutral host model we aim to cover more of regional, rural and remote Australia for the same federal government investment.

About Field Solutions Holdings Limited:

Field Solutions Holdings Limited (ASX:FSG) is dedicated to providing connectivity to rural and regional Australia where other providers simply cannot. We use innovative technologies and a community-driven approach that engages local government, businesses and residents to ensure we build where it’s needed most. FSG provides, builds and operates “true broadband networks” specifically for rural, regional and remote Australia. FSG is an Australian licensed telecommunications operator and retail service provider (trading under the brands ‘JustISP’, TasmaNet and Ant Communications) and a retail and business services provider to NBN Co.

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