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Feorr is looking for technology partners for electric vehicle demonstrators with unlimited range.

Published: October 21, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. MDT

GRANGER, Ind., October 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IndianaFeorr, a New York-based start-up, has announced that it is seeking technology partners for its scalable suite of zero-emission EV solutions, which aims to drive EV adoption by eliminating consumer anxiety and providing a cost-effective solution to manufacturers.

“Our patent-pending on-board charging solution provides on-demand range, cleanly charging the main electric vehicle battery, even while the vehicle is running,” said Feorr Vice President of Engineering, david robinson. “We provide primary battery charging without limitations, such as the need to stop at a local supercharger or avoid remote areas with no charging infrastructure. Although hydrogen-based, no hydrogen storage at high pressure is required. With our solution, electric vehicles become lighter, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient – without the shopping anxiety that exists today.”

Feorr’s technologies are designed to be simply integrated into new or existing electric vehicles, and powerfully multiply lightweighting efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs. Complementing current and future battery technology and charging infrastructure, the Feorr approach will provide OEMs with a simple, one-step solution for a “no-compromise” EV design that addresses all consumer purchasing concerns. Feorr plans to design unlimited-range demonstration vehicles to present to OEMs in 2022 and is seeking interested technology partners.

Feorr removes barriers for OEMs and customers in pursuit of mass adoption of electric vehicles. “Our technology integrates seamlessly into existing electric vehicle designs and manufacturing systems, maximizing returns on investment and leveraging a greater volume of product from the same amount of raw materials,” said said Robinson. “The cost savings can enable true mass market pricing and appeal for electric vehicles.”

Robinson concluded: “Imagine an electric vehicle that gives consumers the freedom of the road and frees drivers from charging technology. If we provide that freedom, consumers will only see benefits when they consider buying a new electric vehicle.”

Technology partners with ISO 26262 software development, low pressure hydrogen management and expertise in electric vehicle charging systems are sought. Interested parties can contact Feorr via

About Feorr: We are committed to researching EV technologies that eliminate range anxiety, drive demand, and help achieve net zero while working seamlessly with existing infrastructure and supply chains. Learn more about

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