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Family is part of program at Advanced Technology Partners Business Journal Daily

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – With Michelle White as president, son Justin as CEO and daughter Jordyn as office assistant, Advanced Technology Partners is a real family unit.

Michelle and Justin, who are co-owners, started the Austintown-based IT support services company in 2018.

Prior to that, they had worked together in the field for six years at another company. Michelle was the IT manager and Justin was an intern who was hired on.

“We used to walk into work together and she would explain computer concepts to me like databases, and I never thought I would understand,” Justin recalls. “A few weeks after these conversations, I started developing custom web applications for professional use.”

They launched Advanced Technology Partners to provide high quality IT services in the region.

The business started with one client. Several more were quickly added, but growth was slow until ATP acquired another company. At that time, the expansion accelerated.

“We have been focused on providing our customers with a great support experience so that each of our customers feels extremely confident recommending us to one of their colleagues,” says Justin.

As the business grew, Jordyn joined the staff, helping with accounting and office management duties.

The company now has 10 employees and more than 100 customers.

Justin, Michelle and Jordyn have learned to separate family matters from business.

“We’ve made a concerted effort to focus on family when we’re with family and business when we’re in the office,” says Justin.

The proximity of the three has a secondary benefit that affects the workplace.

“One of the biggest benefits is knowing each other’s personalities and being able to talk comfortably and openly about all facets of the business,” says Justin.

Pictured: Michelle and Justin White are co-owners of Advanced Technology Partners.