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Environmental technology market size at a value of USD 783 billion by

Ottawa, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world environmental technology market size was estimated to be around USD 553 billion in 2021. Environmental technology can also be described as sustainable energy. Environmental technology is also clean and green energy. This involves the use of electronic devices that allow efficient use of resources. Environmental technology helps reduce the negative impact on all human activities. It was technology that came into the picture, there was substantial growth all over the world. Through corporate social responsibility or CSR goals, various organizations participate in clean technologies.

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Germany happens to be the leader in renewable energy. Middle East Africa is the potential market for solar electricity. The team’s sustainability goals were set by the United Nations, which has many targets. These goals are built to have a sustainable future for all nations. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve weather conditions and also help promote the use of renewable energy sources. The GFEI, which is a global fuel economy initiative, will pace progress in reducing carbon footprint or carbon dioxide emissions.

Regional overview

The market is divided into North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia-Pacific. Due to the wide availability of vendors in this field, it is driving green technology. North America holds the largest green technology market share, followed by Europe. There are various initiatives taken by the European government that implement green technology resources. With the installation of offshore wind energy and many other green technologies, European countries are the world leaders, reducing the carbon footprint, the emission of carbon dioxide and various toxic gases into the atmosphere and l use of other renewable energy sources. In 2021, the prince of the Middle East announced that he would plant 50 billion trees around the world. This will help reduce a lot of carbon from the atmosphere.

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Report scope

Report attributes Details
Market size in 2021 $553 billion
Revenue forecasts by 2030 $783 billion
CAGR 4.5% from 2022 to 2030
Year of reference 2021
Forecast data 2022 to 2030
Companies covered Lennox International, AECOM, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Abetment Technologies, Waste connections, Biffa, Svante Inc, Carbon Clean

Report Highlights

An increased awareness of the need for sustainable energy and growth has led to the adoption of various projects by nations around the world. Nations have understood the importance of eliminating carbon footprints for a better future. In order to fight against climate change or global warming, steps are taken by the United Nations for many countries to follow net zero emissions.

Water scarcity has created awareness regarding water treatment plants, which can help remove toxicities or pollutants from water and recycle it for further use. In order to meet the demands of an ever-growing population, greener resources must be produced, environmental technology will help create sustainable growth.

Market Ddynamic


The market size will increase as customers and industries become more aware of climate change. All nations are emphasizing the use of renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint, which will help introduce pollution and provide a better future for young people. . The push given by the UN for zero emissions has become a global phenomenon and all nations are trying to achieve the goal. Renewable energy is benefiting from many investments from companies that will promote transportation and other innovations. In North America, the largest electric vehicle charging network will be set up thanks to numerous investments made by the Ford Motor Company. Initiatives taken by the government to increase green technology are driving the market.


The cost of producing, installing and maintaining green technologies is extremely high. The investment in wind and solar parks is enormous. Various technologies that need to be used to manage carbon footprint or CCS require high-end technology which is very expensive and requires high maintenance. Adopting green energy is getting a bit difficult due to the high cost.


There has been a shortage of water all over the world, water desalination is important to prevent future problems. Wastewater treatment is also important. Due to rapid urbanization and increasing population, the need for green technologies is enormous. The growing demand for electricity requires the installation of offshore wind farms


The environmental technology market needs large investments in various projects to meet the demands of renewable energy. Governments of various countries have adopted many regulations and guidelines for their industries and commercial buildings, but the implementation of these rules is lagging behind. There is a need for global guidelines to be followed by all nations of the world in order to have uniformity in goals. When all nations seek a single goal, it will be easy to achieve.

Recent Ddevelopments

One of the newest developments in environmental technology is floating solar panels. It is widely tested in China, Southeast Asia and Japan. UNESCAP has set a goal of net zero emissions and the goal should be achieved by 2050. Asia-Pacific will be the largest consumer of electric buses. many countries are considering replacing the lighting previously used for headlights, streetlights and the like with LED lighting. Offshore wind turbines will reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

Various Asia-Pacific shipping companies are considering switching to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system is a technology that will be able to capture carbon on site and store it in various facilities. The storage facility is in the form of rocks below the Earth’s surface.

Market segmentation

By components

By technology

  • IoT
  • Artificial intelligence
  • cloud computing
  • blockchain
  • Others

By request

  • Air and water pollution monitoring.
  • Water purification
  • Crop monitoring
  • Carbon footprint management
  • Waste Management
  • Others

By vertical

  • Residential/municipal
  • Industrial transport & logistics
    • Electricity, energy and utilities
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail and consumer goods
    • Construction and building materials
    • Government & defense
    • petroleum gas
    • Others (law enforcement, healthcare and life sciences)

By geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

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