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Dreame Technology partners with ROBOCON to promote robotics in China

“Robotic technology has become an independent part of people’s daily lives, which will continue to benefit humans in all aspects of entertainment, life, agriculture, medical care, transportation, etc.”, said declared Yu HaoCEO and Founder of Dreame Technology during the final stage of the ROBOCON China competition, “That’s why we decided to partner with ROBOCON to find and nurture young talents in the field of robotics. Together with ROBOCON, Dreame created the ‘FOR DREAM – Dreame Technology Robotics Innovation Fund’ to support exceptional students in their scientific and technological innovations.”

As one of the leading technologies across the world, Dreame strives for quality growth. After dominating the smart cleaning market with its basic cleaning products, Dreame is taking a step further into the future of “general purpose robots” with the launch of its first bionic quadruped robot, Eame one, which was launched in July 2021.

Dreame’s innovative designs continue to drive the development of robotics. The company has evolved from the cleaning robot sector to a wider range of pan-mobile robots such as quadruped robots, and offers professional and attentive technical support.

As preparations intensified on the eve of the ROBOCON equestrian competition – when competitors tested the performance of their jockey and a four-legged robotic horse – engineers from Dreame’s Innovation Research Institute prepared a session exclusive training session on “Robot Motion Control and Planning Algorithms”.

Students had to develop a four-legged robotic horse to compete in sprint and obstacle competitions, testing the robots’ endurance, speed and ability to move independently during competition.

As the most demanding and technically influential international robotics competition, ROBOCON “Asia-University of the Pacific Robot Competition (ABU Robocon)” was held 20 years ago, with the Chinese team winning 6 championships in the annual ABU Finals. The event integrates resources from different universities, media, enterprises and ministries, and has positively contributed to robotics education, over 600 technology companies have since been incubated and the competition has unearthed a group of exceptional entrepreneurs.

When the competition ends, Dreame would continue to cooperate with ROBOCON to facilitate science and technology training camps, international competition activities, and a series of friendly matches to further incubate the next generation of robotics talent.

For more information on the competition, go to Dream Technology and ROBOCON.

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