Technology growth

CoinFlip and Tegus Lead Illinois Tech Growth


The Chicago-based company has 4,000 ATMs in 49 states that allow ordinary investors to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at convenience stores and gas stations. Despite a market meltdown in the spring, digital currencies have continued to fuel stunning and relentless growth, propelling CoinFlip to the top of the Fast 50 list for the second year in a row. The company, which was founded in 2014, brought in $89.2 million last year and posted five-year growth of 509,389.3%.

Te Gus

Tegus, the second-fastest-growing company on this year’s Fast 50 list with revenue of $27.1 million in 2021, digs deep for qualitative detail in finding information about a company. The company accumulates a series of more gossipy information about behind-the-scenes activities, such as the loyalty of the customers of a company in question and what its employees say about the management and how its products are perceived in the market by its customers. rivals.

Supernova Technology

Founded in 2014, Supernova Technology is a financial technology platform providing securities lending solutions. Fifty-four of the company’s 62 employees are locally based. The company generated $16.4 million in revenue throughout 2021.

quick ray

Fast Radius is a cloud manufacturing company founded in 2014. The company had $20 million in total revenue last year and had an overall growth of 2,873.7% over five years.

Wave Data Solutions

Founded in 2013, Wavicle is a data solutions and analytics consulting company. It has 83 local employees and brought in $30.4 million in annual revenue last year.

Simplify healthcare

Simplify Healthcare is a provider of digital enterprise healthcare technology solutions. About 100 of its 492 employees are locally based. The company has grown 1,592.2% over five years and had revenue of $33.8 million last year.


OppFi is a financial technology platform founded in Chicago. It saw a total annual revenue of $350.6 million last year alone. The company has 475 employees working locally and around 100 others dispersed elsewhere.


GoHealth is a health insurance technology company that turned 20 last year. It generated $1.06 billion in revenue in 2021, continuing its five-year growth of 980.9%.


At #26 on the Fast 50 list, the digital experience consulting firm achieved annual revenue of $159.8 million in 2021.

Social Sprout

Sprout Social is social media management software for businesses. It was founded in 2010 and employs over 500 people locally. It made $187.9 million in revenue in 2021.

Wynndalco Enterprises

Wyndalco is an IT management services company founded in 2009. Its 2021 revenue is $20.6 million, contributing to five-year growth of 323.9%.


With 2021 revenue of $22.7 million, Avionos is a digital commerce and marketing solutions company with more than 60 local employees.

Enterprise Computing Source

Business IT Source specializes in IT products and services. With 92 employees, all based locally, the company had sales of $245.7 million last year.

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