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FINBOURNE Technology (FINBOURNE) has partnered with global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data rating provider, Denominator, to support the global buy side as it responds to growing demands for DEI transparency .

The partnership aims to expand DEI’s footprint in the global investment community, help address current data challenges and promote different investment opportunities.

Through this partnership, asset managers can launch new ESG funds and products with a DEI-specific mandate, amidst a new generation of value investors.

Integrating DEI data directly into investment operations ensures asset managers and
end investors that funds are accurately monitored and reported, based on mandates
results, says FINBOURNE.

It also allows progress to be tracked over time, for a specific attribute or the
the entire portfolio, to make more informed investment decisions and report both internally
and externally, he adds.

While accessing the Denominator data set with DEI data, companies can view the raw data as well as the final scores.

The denominator draws on internationally recognized frameworks, including the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals and the World Economic Forum’s Gender Parity.

Anders Rodenberg, CEO of Denominator, comments: “Integrating our comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion data will enable the global buy-side to leverage new, personalized investment strategies that will appeal to investors and provide an edge. competitive.

“As with the ‘E’ in ESG, we aim to shift the dial for this critical social element of ESG, from negative screening and best efforts reporting, to driving positive engagement with the world.
businesses and make DEI an active priority for global business and society.

Matthew Luff, Head of Partnerships at FINBOURNE Technology, adds: “Partnering with
Denominator empowers our customers with quality data to create and manage an engaging experience
new range of wallets, catering to previously underserved segments of the population.
Unlike measures such as emissions which are more difficult to conceptualize, we are all capable of
look around us in our workplaces and see the diversity, or lack thereof.

He adds, “Our close partnership with Denominator provides our clients with actionable data and insights to invest in companies that are showing strong returns, alongside a true commitment to DEI values.